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16 septembre 2014 2 16 /09 /septembre /2014 20:00
2014: Tokyowheel (English)

Voici un petit article dont le but est clairement de faire la promotion de la marque de roues de vélo Tokyowheel: qualité, performance, prix, garantie, réactivité, efficacité. Après la version en français, voici celle en anglais.

Early 2014, I treated myself to a pair of Tokyowheel “Elite 88”. When ordering, the price quoted includes freight, taxes and obviously 1 year warranty and 2 years in case of accident. The wheels arrived promptly (48h) from japan, perfectly packed. From the unwrapping on, I was positively surprised by the fit and finish of the wheels. The rims (88mm high) are perfectly finished with a barely visible coating on the braking surface (Duraheat-R).The hubs are adorned with nice aerodynamic Sapim CX-Ray spokes. The set of wheels weighs in at 1530g according to my scales (1550g auoted by Tokyowheel). Specific brake pads, valve extensions and specific quick release skewers are included. That’s it for look and feel.

After mounting them on the bike, the first strokes were surprising. Indeed, the smooth bearings feel as if the wheels were spinning of their own accord. Standing on the pedals, the front wheel is rigid and does not feel like it is digging into the ground. Still standing on the pedals, the rear wheel doesn’t move, contrary to other high rim wheels, which rims often rub against the brake pads, or even lean on them. Braking is excellent, probably thanks to the rims’ surface coating. It hasn’t lost any of its bite over time, whether in dry or wet conditions! These wheels immediately seduced me and didn’t leave my time trial bike afterwards.

So far, so good

On the 23rd of July 2014 around 2pm, while riding around Soultz (Haut Rhin, France) industrial estate, a reckless driver aboard a Peugeot saloon, driving the wrong way, hit me and drove away. I don’t know how or what actually happened. By some miracle, I wasn’t physically hurt, except for some dirt of unknown provenance on my skin. However, my helmet strap was broken and my bike setup was off (bracket bent).

The police couldn’t do anything for me, neither could the insurance companies. I then approached Tokyowheel to see if I could purchase a new rim.

This is when Tokyowheel were extra-ordinary

Tokyowheel immediately explained to me that the “crash replacement” warranty that runs for 2 years, offers to every customer who breaks their kit to replace it at 50% of purchasing price. Which is quite attractive.

However, they offered to send me a brand new rim, entirely at their expense, so that I could repair my wheel, either myself or via a cycle specialist. Indeed, they like to support their customers who are going through difficult times, hence helping them to keep cycling.

I accepted the proposal on a monday evening, the rim arrived home on the thursday, I started re-building it on the saturday, and on Sunday, the wheel was on the bike.

Since then, I enjoy riding with them so much, that I have mounted them on my road bike, which enhances the speed sensations.

Thanks Tokyowheels!

2014: Tokyowheel (English)
2014: Tokyowheel (English)
2014: Tokyowheel (English)
2014: Tokyowheel (English)

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I was searching about this issue as you have discussed very clearly and lovely manner that I don’t have to go now any other webpage.
Thak you. It's just reality :-)
Si tu peux ou si tu veux me les prêter, un jour, pour les essayer, en chrono, juste pour voir, je voudrais bien les tester !... Mais, ce n'est pas obligé du tout, tu sais, Thomas !...<br /> A +,<br /> bK
Evidemment que je te les prête (roues, patins, serrage) et avec grand plaisir! :-)